‘Hoffnung’ out June 22 in Germany

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this happen. I have edited and updated the manuscript for ‘Hope’ specifically for the German edition. It has been a long time underway and it feels surreal to now see the cover and format and an actual publishing date.

This book was written for this moment in history to address our sense of our time being either especially dangerous or even calamitous, even though we live longer, better lives than ever before. Which is why it will continue to be updated in new editions. But still there are probably questions about events after or during this publication – like the Corona virus – that feel like the relevant “right now” version of the ideas described in the book.

And when the Corona virus has come and gone it will be something else that makes that point in time seem like the tipping point, the moment when everything will break. The reality is not that the world is ending, the reality is that we always have the feeling that it is.

So. I have tried to update it without making it only of this moment, and thus I will miss some relevant talking points and maybe address others that already feel over. Feel free to write comments on this blog or find me on Twitter with any comments or questions.

The book is out in German June 22. Pre-order it here.

Skærmbillede 2020-02-28 kl. 11.15.40.png

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