‘Hope – In Defense Of The Future’ sold to Germany and France

‘Håb – Et forsvar for fremtiden’ is the Danish title of Kristian Leth’s latest book. It is a spirited manifest of hope and a well-argued case for the future. Featuring interviews with statisticians and climate scientists as well as professors in religious thought and historians, the book’s focus is the author’s personal doubt and fear of the future. Brought on by an incessant stream of bad news and doomsday headlines, Leth tries to examine both his own pessimism as well as that of society:

Is the world really ending? And if not; Why do we always think it is?

The book debuted at the top of the bestseller list in Denmark and the rights have now been bought by French publisher Gaia and Heyne Verlag, Random House in Germany.HÅB forside til net

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