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Kristian Leth is an award-winning musician, a poet and writer from the Danish Academy and a Prix Italia-winning radio producer and journalist.

As the lead singer of The William Blakes, Kristian Leth has won The Royal Crown Prince and Princess’ Culture Award 2011, as well as two Danish Music Awards. Hailed as one of the defining acts of the Danish indie scene since their debut in 2009, The William Blakes were heralded as “setting new standards” when they burst onto the scene. Their music went on to dominate Danish music radio for several years, with two of the biggest singles ‘Caves and Light’ and ‘The Light (Plane to Spain)’. They have released an album a year since, and are renowned for their live performances, playing Denmark’s biggest festivals and tv shows.

He has released three solo albums and composes scores and soundtracks for films and tv series with his partner Fridolin Nordsø. They got a Danish Academy Nomination for ‘Best Original Song’ for his work on the movie ‘Kidnappet’. Together they also produce music for singers like Oh Land, Coco of Quadron, Jannis from Choir of Young Believers and many more.

He published his first poetry collection in 2002, the same year he graduated from the Danish Academy’s Writer’s School. Since then he has written two more books of poetry, as well as radio drama, fiction short stories and articles for some of Denmark’s biggest papers.

As a radio producer and journalist Kristian Leth was schooled in the Danish National Radio’s talent program, doing hours of live shows, music radio, talk radio and reportage/documentary. Since 2010 he has worked as a freelancer, creating documentaries and music specials for DR P1, DR P2, DR P6 and Radio 24 syv – as well as TV specials and documentaries. His series on Wagner’s Ring won the Prix Italia 2014 as well as the Danish Language Prize and was nominated for a 2014 Prix Europa. His series on Glenn Gould won the Prix Italia in 2017.

Contact: kristianleth [at] me.com

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