Kristian Leth writes music for two TV series

Denmark’s two biggest National TV networks – DR1 and TV2 – aired two big TV series during the fall of 2017. ”Ride Upon The Storm’ (‘Herrens veje’) and ‘Rita’ (a Netflix Co-production). Kristian Leth and long-time partner Fridolin Nordsø wrote and produced all music and scored both.

‘Ride Upon The Storm’ was written and produced by BAFTA-winning Adam Price (‘Borgen’) and received great reviews. The music was hailed in Danish press. It will be released in the rest of the world in 2018. Meanwhile, the original songs written for ‘Rita’ were released on an EP due to popular demand.

In an article on the original songs written for both series you can hear the title songs as well as many of the different pieces. The title song for ‘Ride Upon The Storm’ is sung by Claus Hempler. Other songs feature artists like Indians and SaveUs.


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