Slow Dreams – New Ambient Project

I have been making ambient music for about 20 years. It is one of the first genres I tried to create music within, heavily under the influence of Brian Eno and the German scene of the 70s. Why then did it take about 12 records of indie, art rock, folk and electronic music before I released an album with ambient? I don’t know. The joy has always been in the recording for me. It’s like an extended deep dive into the harmonics and programming and hypnotic loops that end up lasting 6 or 10 minutes on the finished piece. It’s like bathing in sound. So I guess I always recorded it for myself. Well, now it’s out there. These troubled times could need some relaxing music. It is out on every digital platform known to me at least on my own new little label.

Those 70s roots are still in there and the album was made using only analogue synthesizers and all programming was done in the keyboards.

I love ambient music. I love that it creates a space instead of filling it up, that it has no center, that it is sometimes forgotten, that it fades and bubbles up again, that it shouldn’t be listened to at a deafening volume. And I also love the utilitarian aspect of it; that it helps us relax, to breathe deeper, to enter a different, dreamy state. I love that it actually can heal and be used for meditations and focusing and centering. All these things that other music genres do not do in the same way. Some people might scoff at that; the “new agey” facet of ambient, but hey, I aknowledge my crystal healing self and spend a lot of time trying to find a mindful, present form of being. I hope this record can help you too. Enjoy.

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