‘Originals’ debuts at CPH:DOX

The documentary ‘Originals’ (‘De originale’) was shown during the Danish documentary festival CPH:DOX featuring a score by Kristian Leth. The movie was directed by Stig Guldberg and produced by Klassefilm.

Here’s what the festival wrote:

The Originals

Bittersweet and life-affirming film about the friendship between four proud, adult outcasts.

The author Lars Morell and his three friends Boje, Anders and Veigaard share in common that they are out of synch with their times and surrounding society – and now and again also with themselves and each other. They don’t give a hoot about today’s prevailing norms and what others might think of them. And they are also attracted by all things weird, chaotic and cheerfully mad about each other. ‘The Originals’ took over seven years to make, and follows the friends through ups and downs with difficult emotions. It is a life on the edge, between light and dark, the cheerful and the horrible, between order and chaos. What from the outside might look like ‘losers’ turn out, upon closer inspection, to be loveable originals, who represent other values than the norm. Why should the majority decide what is normal? Stig Guldberg’s film pays tribute to friendship, in good times and bad, and through its unusual antiheroes it asks: what can we learn from originals and what would we do without friendship?

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