4 weeks #1 on the Bestseller List

After an intense launch with TV appearances, newspaper interviews and radio by the authors ‘Historien om det hele’ (written together with evolutionary biologist Eske Willerslev) spent a month as #1 on the Danish Bestseller List.

The book sparked a debate about the validity of the scientific method as a model to live by. The premise of the book is that science is our foremost tool to decipher causality in nature and the material universe, but at the same time the world is so much more than that. And most scientist would acknowledge that science sheds light on a very limited field of existence. Eske Willerslev argues in the book that it is actually unscientific to jump from that standpoint to the conclusion that science somehow rules out or even argues against spiritual or religious models. Kristian Leth describes how our framework for understanding the world today is culturally defined, limited and very much just that: A framework. He also tries to go beyond the language of that framework, to approach a new language: Where we can both be modern, rational and enlightened – and at the same time talk informedly about subjects that are both real and unreal, unprovable and magical.

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