Album 2015 goes straight to #1 on iTunes

Due to some delay with the iTunes approval process, Album 2015 didn’t get into the iTunes search system until June 25th. But when it did, the crowd funded podcast went straight to the #1 position, proving that the demand was real and quite large.

Album 2015 is a podcast about “the world’s best albums”. Music critic Ralf Christensen and writer and musician Kristian Leth go through their favorite albums in their entirety, while dispensing biographical details, personal stories and philosophical notes about the musicians behind the music and the impact of the album on culture.

After two seasons on Danish National Broadcasting, Album became a cult phenomenon. So when it wasn’t continued the two hosts decided to ask for the public’s help. In 2015 they gathered more than $20,000 via Kickstarter.

Find it on iTunes here.

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