Håb – et forsvar for fremtiden

Hope: In Defense of The Future – Non-fiction. People’s Press 2018.

An exhaustingly researched argument, a personal essay about why it is that we – in our culture especially – keep thinking we live in the end times. And a defense of hope as the pragmatic and responsible choice. “Leth’s urge and ability to convey as well as his admirably wide employment of everything from religious history to archeology and statistics are as always exemplary.” – Information. “With this book Kristian Leth helps us straighten our back, lift our eyes, lighten our minds and dare to hope.” Bjarke Ingels. Translated to German and French

Vinden ind ad døren

The Wind In The Door – Poetry. Gladiator 2016.

Før og efter videnskab

Before And After Science – Poetry. Lindhardt & Ringhoff 2014.

“A dedication to the flickering, snowflake-temporal, multidimensional, unfathomable.” – Information.


Poetry. Gyldendal 2002.


Mithos – Novel. Lindhardt & Ringhof 2017.

A dark novel in a fantastic setting about a young boy and girl whose ability to see the world and its magic in a new light might be the only thing that can save everyone. “Outstanding in both its language and its storytelling.” – Berlingske. “Filled with drama and engrossing… Highly recommended.” – Kulturkapellet.

Historien om det hele

The Story of Everything – Non-fiction. People’s Press 2016.

Stories of magic and science weave together in this bestselling discussion of faith, culture and the limits to what we know. Written with evolutionary biologist Eske Willerslev.


The Manual – Non-fiction. People’s Press 2017.

A brutal manual in how to make a living as a creative. Written with Fridolin Nordsø.


The Difficulty – Poetry. After Hand 2008.


  1. Før og efter videnskab:
    Tænker at du vil finde min bog “Den mystiske oplevelse” interessant. Den udkommer 26/5 2016 på Skriveforlaget. Den bog fremlægger bl.a. en model for et samlet, integreret syn på “fysik” og “metafysik”. Et nyt perspektiv, frigjort fra de traditionelle, fastlåste positioner. som jeg tidligt kom til at anse for uvirkelige.
    Mange hilsener


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